Translation: À supposer by Jacques Jouet

Added on by Emily Carey Gogolak.

A Supposer…

Suppose that…

Translated from the French by Emily Gogolak

A supposition that, passing for the nth time by the place where Descartes lived at 14 rue Rollin not far from la Contrescarpe, and that even before arriving at the commemorative plaque I started to read out loud the inscribed line, from one of René’s letters to the princess Elisabeth de Bohème, that I learned by heart: “However, taking me as I am, one foot in one country and one foot in another, I find my condition very happy in that it is free,” I would bring to the present poem, which until today only existed in the future, an unexpected elegy from an unexpected place, an elegy that cuts straight to the core of my conceptual daydream on little tangled things, that which, among its other collateral merits, is able to thread lines around a cogitist subject much less stable and self-conquering than you would think, much less constrained than you would wish, and whose totem would be the antonymic object of some distant border post, one of these books of thirty-six unique pages that find themselves here or there in a multitude of more or less similar copies and missed terribly by all who don’t have one, this I quite simply called the passport.

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