Birdwatching with Jonathan Franzen in Central Park

Added on by Emily Carey Gogolak.

Tuesday afternoon was a particularly outdoorsy one for The Observer. Donning binoculars, sneakers, sunscreen, and shorts, we set off to Central Park to get in touch with nature and to go bird watching. Among our avian sightings? A Red-tailed Hawk, a Black-crowned Night Heron, two Eastern King Birds, and a particularly interesting bespectacled male of the American high literati — Jonathon Franzen.

Mr. Franzen is to birding what David Byrne is to cycling. An up-and-coming spokesperson for the hobby, he was in Central Park to help launch the new HBO documentary, Birders: The Central Park Effect. Airing on July 16, the film follows seven urban birdwatchers as they literally schedule their lives around the rhythms of bird migration passing through New York. Unabashedly among them is Mr. Franzen.

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